Welcome to Brownstone Gan Katan!

Gan Katan in Hebrew means, literally, “a small garden.” As in a garden, given the right tools and care, a seedling will reach its full potential and grow to a beautiful plant or tree. So too in education when “our seedlings: our children,” are given the right tools and foundation they too can reach their fullest potential. Brownstone Gan Katan is a place where your child can grow, learn, explore and connect with his/her Jewishness and develop their innate beautiful character traits that will enable your child to make the right moral choices.

Our educational philosophies also take inspiration from theorists like Jean Piaget, who believed that children learn best through doing and actively exploring, and educational approaches such as Reggio Emilia, where the environment is the third teacher. Our beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces reflect these principles; our facility is warm, inviting, and sunny with ample space for play and discovery. Our backyard and outdoors provides endless opportunity for our students to explore nature and run around. 

The professional and experienced staff at Brownstone Gan are committed to creating an environment that will bring out the best in your child. Most importantly, our staff is warm, caring and dedicated to creating a place where your child feels safe, happy, and loved.  

Looking forward to partnering in your child’s education.

Esty TsapDirector & Head Teacher
[email protected] 

Chaya KirschenbaumFounder
[email protected]